Aleksandra Nowak

About the Artist

Aleksandra Nowak has no problem confessing her debt to, and affinity for, the Vienna secessionist painters, also known as the Union of Austrian Artists.  The Artist counts Julius Exter, Richard Gerstl, Max Fabiani, Oskar Kokoschka, Jože Plečnik, Carl Moll, Koloman Moser, Egon Schiele as her stylistic mentors.

Intensely private, when asked to explain her paintings she gently smiles and hopes that the subject will change.

As with many of the truly talented artists it has been our privilege to know, Aleksandra views herself as a conduit. She is conscious of the artistic requirements of her paintings, but, even so, does not feel that it is she that is their genesis.

Nowak has studied art in both her native Poland and in the United States. She has taken from both, the highest standards. Working in oil on linen, it is hard to tell if these paintings are of this era or have arrived through a portal of time from the fin de siècle of the 1800’s.

Her maternal grandparents were born in Massachusetts and migrated to Poland at a time when most people were flowing in the opposite direction.

When she visited this country as a young woman there was an immediate bonding with America and she decided to move her life to this country. Aleksandra lives and works from her studio in New Jersey.