Anne Bachelier

About the Artist

The artist inhabits three worlds; the world of reality, the world of her family and friends and that world which has existed inside her head since her earliest memories. It is this third world that populates her detailed paintings. Bachelier’s claim that she is only doing ‘reportage’ is a demonstration of the awesome depth of her humility. She sincerely believes that she is only the conduit, not the genesis.

Anne Bachelier has been a professional artist for her entire life. She Graduated from the Ecole des beaux arts in La Seyne sur mer. Coming into her artistic prime during her 40’s, she has shown extensively throughout Europe and Japan. Collected by the Musee de la Poste in Paris, the artist is a member of the Libellule Groupe founded by Lukas Kandi.

Five published books and costume design for Dances Patrelle, NYC round out the resume of this highly collected established artist. Anne Bachelier works from her studio in Les Panissieres in Allevard, France.

“13 Plus One by Edgar Allan Poe”, Illustrations by Anne Bachelier
(First Edition signed books available through Gallery Minerva)