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Grant Penny

About the Artist

grant-pennyGrant Penny’s process for creating pieces involves the layering of multiple sheets of Lokta paper. Lokta is hand made and dyed in Nepal from the fibrous bark of the Daphne Cannabina which grows at high altitudes in the Himalayas. The subjects are cut out of the top layer – literally cutting the positive space out to expose the layer below. Each artwork is then glued to a panel and preserved with three to 5 layers of acrylic medium to seal the piece and bring out the rich natural tones of the paper.

Over the years I’ve made an effort to have creative projects that are separate from my work as a graphic designer. Something hands on (and not on a computer). A combination of these personal explorations evolved into the collage pieces that you see here.

Other than the personal satisfaction of doing this work I found myself asking the question “what does the art mean to me?” In looking back at the work, collectively, the answer seemed obvious – and it is ultimately true of my life – I seek and crave simplicity. I am the most happy and at peace when I consciously enjoy the moment – making my baby daughter laugh – dancing in the living room with my wife – a good beer and a book. Simple things bring me joy and I feel that joy when I make art.